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20% off select Pandora gift sets in the US

Today’s post brings pandora charms sale uk my monthly Pandora news round-up, featuring all that’s coming up for December 2017! We might not have any new releases left for this year, but there are some fun promotions running this month, including my favourite porcelain ornament GWP, and then sales at the end of December to look forward to as well. The festive season is in full swing in my household, and we’re off to get our Christmas tree this weekend – I’m trying to work out how I can hang my precious Pandora ornament collection on it. I’ve always  been too afraid of them falling and smashing to put them up before. One of my suggestions has included ‘festive cushions or a throw’ to place underneath the tree, which has been soundly scotched by my OH! This offer has been and gone in Australia/New Zealand, and it’ s not officially running in the UK anymore – however, some UK stores are still offering it if they have stock left. I got mine last month, and love it! It actually chimes (although not very strongly ^^) if you try and ring it.

There’s also going to be another festive pandora uk outlet sale holiday ornament on offer this month  – this one is exclusive to the chain of Jared’s Galleria store in the US, and will be available with spends of $125 USD or more from 7 December both in store and online. The design is a  pretty porcelain reindeer, which is very cute – I imagine it’ll be a popular one! The Jared exclusive ornaments tend to become very hard to find, so I’d advise snapping one up while you can if you want one! Jared don’t ship Pandora abroad, so if you live outside the US, you’ll have to find a US friend to help you outThis month I’ve spotted some new ‘inspirational’ designs (that’s not me being sarcastic, but rather what Pandora term them as! ). They’re quite contemporary in style, and I can imagine these doing better among a younger  audience, as they’re quite bright and cartoony.

Previous Club charms have stuck very firmly to heart motifs, but pandora charms uk sale appear to have gone a little off piste with 2018’s design. The charm is a globe, with little silver hearts dotted across it, and the words ‘More Love’ in a banner across it. The date is on the back of  the charm, as is traditional, and a little diamond in the word ‘Love’ adds to the effect – as is also traditional! I like the concept of this design a lot – I’m relieved not to see another heart, and I think the concept of a global community is so core to the Pandora collectors’  ethos. One of the most common things I hear from readers is how kind collectors are to each other, busy helping each other to get exclusive charms and promos, or swapping info, advice, bracelet styling tips. It’s amazing how many wonderful people I have met through  the blog, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

This is really pandora uk sale clearance.



2017-12-25 09:20:07




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